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High-Performance Material – enthusiastic in functionality and aesthetics.




Partial crowns, single crowns and bridge frameworks in the anterior and posterior, reduced or fully anatomical, up to 16 units with a maximum of one intermediate.




  • Nanocomposite high-tech for excellent stability and maximum aesthetic result
  • Metal free
  • Due to the nano-scale, no chipping of the coating materials
  • Very high abrasion resistance
  • AMBARINO® High-Class can be repaired in situ
  • Thanks to the elasticity similar to that of dentin, the material has a cushioning effect, absorbing masticatory forces reducing to minimum the risk of bone fracture and is therefore very suitable for plants




The structures in AMBARINO® High-Class can be cemented with a dual-curing composite



Resistenza alla flessione 191 MPa




Nanoriempitivi, BODMA, bis-GMA, UDMA ≈ 78% vetro di stronzioalluminio-borosilicato


  1. Modulo di Elasticità (GPa)
  2. Resistenza a compressione (MPa)
  3. Durezza (GPa)
  4. Percentuale di fase Polimerica

AMBARINO® High Class
is the Most Elastic Ceramic

AMBARINO® High Class is the most elastic ceramic material available on the market. Elasticity allows the material to flex while chewing or under pressure, which will minimize chips and fractures.

Elasticity is especially important for implant dentistry where the lack of a periodontal ligament leaves the patient with no sensation and natural shock absorption.

AMBARINO® High Class
is the Strongest Composite

Compressive strength simulates chewing forces, and AMBARINO® High Class is the strongest material among composites and traditional ceramics

Compressive strength is measured by simultaneously applying force to both the bottom and top of the material and determining how a restoration will perform under shear and tensile forces.

AMBARINO® High Class
is the Least “Clacky” Ceramic

AMBARINO® High Class is the gentlest of all of dental ceramics and ceramic hybrids, offering a Vickers hardness which most closely matches natural dentin.

By comparison, non-hybrid ceramics are harder than enamel, making them less pliable and forgiving and causing an unnatural “clacky” sound when the patient bites down.

AMBARINO® High Class
has the Highest Polymer Ratio

The key to achieving the exceptional flexibility, compressive strength, and lack of brittleness is the ratio of polymers to ceramics in the material.

AMBARINO® High Class is formulated with a higher ratio of polymers to ceramics, making it the most durable and elastic ceramic hybrid on the market today.